Republicans declare Biden ‘unfit for office’ following ‘disastrous’ debate performance

Republicans were in full celebratory mode following Thursday’s debate between former President Trump and President Biden.

Multiple elected officials took to social media following the debate to celebrate what they described as a ‘resounding victory’ for Trump, and a ‘disastrous’ performance by Biden.

‘Three things are clear: America was and is better under a Trump Administration, Biden is unfit to be in office and the people in his orbit should be ashamed of propping him up, Trump dominated. There can’t possibly be a second debate,’ South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, who is widely believed to be a frontrunner on Trump’s VP shortlist, wrote in a post on X, formerly Twitter. 

Alabama Sen. Katie Britt wrote, ‘Congratulations to President Trump on his resounding victory in tonight’s Presidential Debate. The Biden-Harris experiment has failed. It’s time to return strength to the White House,’ while North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, another possible VP pick, wrote Biden ‘offered no answers’ on the major problems facing Americans.

‘President Trump was clear, and he’s got the record to back it up! This debate was a knockout for Donald Trump,’ he added.

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Whatley called Trump’s debate performance ‘dominant,’ and said Biden ‘couldn’t even understand the questions.’

Another account linked to the RNC poked fun at Biden’s closing statement, writing, ‘Biden ends his disastrous and humiliating debate performance just as he began — rambling incoherently. He’s not only not playing with a full deck — he can’t even find the deck. SAD!’ 

Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., claimed Trump ‘proved’ he is the only candidate who can save the U.S., while Republican conservative firebrand and Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake said ‘[Biden] is clearly unfit for this job. I think it’s time we bring back the President that coined the phrase, YOU’RE FIRED!’

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