Biden admin slammed for ‘doubling down’ on alleged Gaza refugee plans

: A Republican senator is blasting President Biden’s administration for ignoring her questions and concerns over an alleged plan to consider taking in refugees from Gaza. 

‘The Biden administration is blowing off my work to prevent an Oct. 7-related attack on our own shores, which shows just how seriously this president takes our security,’ Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, told Fox News Digital. 

The lawmaker led a letter to Biden earlier this month, signed by 35 Republican senators, asking the commander in chief for answers after a report emerged that his administration was considering allowing some refugees from Gaza into the country. 

‘Instead, Biden is doubling down on his dangerous plan to welcome Hamas sympathizers to our homeland, despite the risk to American lives,’ Ernst said of the administration’s response. 

The administration had the State Department respond to the widely signed letter. 

The response to Ernst reiterated information about the administration’s efforts to assist U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents and their families in departing from Gaza during Israel’s war with the terrorist group Hamas. 

The administration has already stated on several occasions that it has helped more than 1,800 individuals leave Gaza, and many of them have come to the U.S. 

The already disseminated information from the administration did not touch on the Iowa Republican’s question regarding how many refugees officials were considering allowing into the country.

Ernst had also asked for details on how screenings would be implemented for potential refugees from Gaza. 

In response, the State Department informed her, ‘Any individuals from Gaza who have traveled or would travel to the United States are thoroughly vetted, as the safety and security of the American people is our top priority.’

‘Make no mistake, I have seen failures in the vetting process before, and I certainly don’t want to see them repeated. When Gaza’s own neighbors cannot properly vet friend or foe, there is no way our State Department can make those assessments, and they fail to provide concrete information otherwise,’ Ernst told Fox News Digital. 

The just over one-page answer to the senator’s various questions also didn’t address her questions about logistics and discussions with surrounding countries.

A State Department spokesperson told Fox News Digital that interagency discussions are ongoing regarding U.S. support for Palestinians in Gaza, citing the U.S. role in humanitarian assistance globally. 

The spokesperson reiterated the same information regarding the 1,800 people who have been assisted in leaving Gaza already, as was relayed to the senator. 

The White House did not provide comment to Fox News Digital. 

The initial report from CBS News alleged that senior officials within several different federal agencies were engaged in conversations about what options were available to resettle Palestinians who are immediate family members of citizens or permanent U.S. residents. 

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