Haley says Biden’s mind is ‘closing up shop’ in South Carolina speech

Presidential candidate Nikki Haley took a swipe at President Biden during a speech on Tuesday and boasted that she has ‘no fear’ of retribution from her Republican primary rival.

Haley noted the growing debate over Biden’s mental acuity, saying the Democratic Party has made a strategic mistake by sticking with the 81-year-old president for another election.

‘Every time he opens his mouth, he sounds like his mind is closing up shop. The Democrats are getting weaker by holding a coronation for Biden. Republicans will get stronger through a vigorous competition,’ said Haley.

She also criticized her own Republican Party for its widespread enthusiasm for former President Trump’s attempt at an Oval Office comeback.

Citing both candidates’ less-than-ideal performance in public opinion polling, Haley is trying to position herself as a sensible third option.

‘Do we really want to spend every day from now until November watching America’s two most disliked politicians duke it out?’ Haley said.

She continued, ‘I feel no need to kiss the ring, and I have no fear of Trump’s retribution.’

Despite poor performances across the board until now — and little hope of clinching victory in her home state on Saturday — Haley says she has no plans to drop out anytime soon.

‘I’ll keep fighting until the American people close the door,’ Haley said. ‘The presidential primaries have barely begun. Just three states have voted, three.’

Haley took a short break from her South Carolina stumping to raise cash and campaign Thursday and Friday in Texas, one of the 15 states holding Republican nominating contests on Super Tuesday in early March. She hauled in more than $1 million during her first day in Texas.

And Haley raked in $1.7 million in fundraising, as Fox News first reported, during a two-day campaign swing a week and a half ago in California, another large Super Tuesday state. The stops in Texas and California appear in part to be a marker for Haley as she pushes back against calls by some Republicans to drop out of the race and allow Trump to focus his efforts on Biden ahead of the November general election.

Fox News Digital’s Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report.

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