Sen. Tim Scott eyes possible 2024 bid with positive message, claims Dems selling ‘drug of victimhood’

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., in the midst of determining whether to seek the presidency in 2024, is putting forth a message of positivity when it comes to the United States, while accusing leftists of doing the opposite.

Scott recent appeared in the key state of Iowa for a school choice event. The Republican is a staunch supporter of giving families greater opportunities to send their children to schools other than local public schools, which vary in quality depending on where they are.

‘My focus is still on the mission of making sure that every single American believes that the American dream is achievable for them,’ Scott told ‘Fox News Sunday.’

Scott’s message is one of fostering hope and possibility for Americans, which he contrasted with what he called a ‘grievance culture’ that he said progressives push based on past racial injustices.

‘Our original sin should never define us because a story of redemption is what we’ve been living for more than 50-plus years,’ Scott said. ‘The greatest story of progress in the world is American progress in the last 50 years. I wish we’d spend more time talking about the goodness of this nation, and stop the cancel culture.’

Scott added: ‘A world without America is a very dark place. America without faith is a nation without hope.’

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The South Carolina Republican presented his position as being sharply different from the message of Democrats.

‘The fact is that the left is trying to sell a drug of victimhood and the narcotic of despair,’ Scott said. ‘The truth is that we have so much to celebrate, and yet today in many parts of the country you feel like you’re in quicksand.’

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According to Scott, school choice gives young people a way out of the quicksand. He stated that the U.S. ‘should not allow the zip code of a child to determine the quality of their life, because education is the most powerful tool to equalize opportunity in this nation., but there are poor zip codes where that’s not possible.’

Scott did not specify when he would officially decide whether to run for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

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