Swedish Prime Minister Resigns after “Far Right” Wins Majority. Expected PM “Make Sweden Great Again!”

Today, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson announced her resignation after the “far right” Swedish Democrats and other conservative groups won the majority in Sweden’s parliament by a thin margin, 176 of 349 seats.  This is her second resignation in a year’s period.  Last December, she resigned from the Chair of the IMF’s International Monetary and Financial Committee.

The Sweden Democrats, which have been gaining in popularity since 2018 when they won 20 seats and 17.6% of the vote, which was up 5% from the previous election and 2.9% in 2006.  They bring a populist right platform with an anti-immigration as the second largest party in Sweden, behind the Social Democrats.  The Prime Minister position will most likely go to Ulf Kristersson of the Moderates Party, as the Sweden Democrats leader, Jimmie Akesson does not seem able to unite the other four parties.

“Now the work begins of making Sweden great again,” said Kristersson in an apparent “hat tip” to Donald Trump.

From Inside Paper:

Never before has a Swedish government relied on the support of the anti-immigration and nationalist SD, who became the big winners of the vote, by gaining more than three percentage points.

With 20.6 percent of votes counted so far the party emerged as Sweden’s second largest party behind the Social Democrats, which have dominated Swedish politics since the 1930s.

However, the post of Prime Minister will in all likelihood go to the leader of the Moderate Party, Ulf Kristersson, as SD leader Jimmie Akesson is unable to unite all four parties to head the government.

“I now begin the work of forming a new and strong government,” Kristersson said in a video posted to Facebook.

Kristersson, a former gymnast, led a major U-turn for his party when initiating exploratory talks in 2019 with the Sweden Democrats and then deepening their cooperation.

The Christian Democrats, and to a lesser extent the Liberals, later followed suit.

At the same time the thorny question remains of whether the far-right would be given cabinet posts, which Akesson said late Sunday was their “goal”.

“Now the work begins of making Sweden great again,” the party leader said.

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